Get Higher and Faster With The Vert Shock Program

I’d like to open with this first post which I’ve prepared from advanced about a subject which is very dear to my heart in basketball. Jumping high is something that most basketball players are struggling with, especially tall ones due to their height and mass. But jumping is a skill which basketball players should develop if they like to win the game. So to boost a players’ ability in jumping, Vert Shock Pro should be utilized, and there’s a reason why Vert Shock is so popular. According to the some famous coaches the program is getting the interest of many players since it provides instructions about how they can jump higher than they originally can.

You will learn how to improve your speed and strength through the shock phases. With Vert Shock you will be able to achieve a remarkable vertical leap. The organized techniques are all stated in downloadable organized manner. Supplemental materials like videos, photos, and printable workout directions are also given.

Once the 8 week training is completed you will discover a boost in strength, neurologic response and endurance. Just make certain that you follow it religiously.

Why Vert Shock is Superior to Other Jump Programs

vert-shock-resultObviously this is not the first vertical leap program that was invented. However, most of the old programs typically fail to give trainees the result that they wished because they only tackle one or two jumping variables. A multi-faceted strategy is utilized in Vert Shock, to ensure that your training is extensive. There are nine variables that affect vertical leap, and all of them are covered in Vert Shock – that is why this is the ideal training program.

In order to be properly fueled for high intensity jumps, athletes should always get quality nutrition to support their body needs. What is common to other programs is that they concentrate more on some variables like form, balance, flexibility and stability while disregarding the importance of proper nutrition. The good news is, Vert Shock is a program that also gives emphasis to nutrition because the minds behind this program, Adam and Justin, know that proper nutrition is the key to faster healing and more physical strength.

Nutrition With Vert Shock

If you are an athlete who uses whey protein, then ensure to carefully check the instructions on the papers. Vert Shock is even more beneficial since it features the ideal diet plan for people who want to gain muscles.

Improvements are seen after fourteen days of training, however the full effects are seen after 8 weeks wherein trainees were able to jump 40 to 44 inches off the ground.
Do keep in mind that in the subject of vertical jump there are no magics, and Vert Shock shouldn’t be perceived as one. The desired results can only be accomplished if you’re focused and determined to complete the training. If you are not willing to work diligently and learn, then you’ll not benefit from the program no matter how effective it is.

Like most people, you’ll have questions and you’ll want to get answers. In order to find the answer that you’re looking for, just email your questions to Adam. It’s also the place to mention that Vert Shock has a forum where you can get in touch with other trainees just like you. If you check the forums, you will notice several verifiable testimonials from people who benefited from Vert Shock. An example would be Phil Clarke from

jump-with-vert-shock-proI imagine that at this stage you’re still skeptic about the program, and I can’t blame you, it’s only natural to be doubtful about Vert Shock, especially if you already tested other programs and failed. And yet, Vert Shock constantly receives positive reviews. Adam Folker, the man who produced this unique program, understands your problem because he had the same experience. With that, there’s a 60-day trial that you can look at so you can evaluate its effectiveness first-hand.

Here’s an interesting fact that I’m sure will convince you: It took 10 years of researching, developing and testing this program. This was all done in order to ensure that the program will have high success rates. I hope this little fact brings faith to the fact that Vert Shock is really legit, as some of the best jump blogs like has proven it.

P.S. How do you think this guy recorded such an amazing vertical jump? Hint: he used some of the training from the program.

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Healthy Important Aspects

Creating a healthy lifestyle has overall important aspects: nutrition, physical activity, health promotion, prevention of obesity, hygiene, self-esteem, maintaining emotional well-being, body care and ensuring a clean environment and aesthetics.

On this site we’re going to be teaching the great importance of these habits of perception because instilling habits at a young age becomes a regular pattern later in life.

Every week we will hold a weekly experiential learning on “healthy lifestyle”. In the coming weeks there will be a variety of programs such as art, yoga, sports lessons, music, science, language, active break, and more.

The peak day of the week will take place on Sunday – where we’ll partner up with “Food Revolution” that runs by Chef Jamie Oliver. This program emphasizes the child’s right to fresh and nutritious food. This is why we teach the importance of creating cooking experiences for students to teach them what is right for them. The program is led by dominant Chefs which are masters at the art of nutrition, putting their knowledge to the plate.