Healthy Important Aspects

Creating a healthy lifestyle has overall important aspects: nutrition, physical activity, health promotion, prevention of obesity, hygiene, self-esteem, maintaining emotional well-being, body care and ensuring a clean environment and aesthetics.

On this site we’re going to be teaching the great importance of these habits of perception because instilling habits at a young age becomes a regular pattern later in life.

Every week we will hold a weekly experiential learning on “healthy lifestyle”. In the coming weeks there will be a variety of programs such as art, yoga, sports lessons, music, science, language, active break, and more.

The peak day of the week will take place on Sunday – where we’ll partner up with “Food Revolution” that runs by Chef Jamie Oliver. This program emphasizes the child’s right to fresh and nutritious food. This is why we teach the importance of creating cooking experiences for students to teach them what is right for them. The program is led by dominant Chefs which are masters at the art of nutrition, putting their knowledge to the plate.

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